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      To ensure your Limited Edition Print is well protected we use ph neutral i.e acid free tapes, board and back mount. The artwork is entirely stuck down and mounted to the frame. In February 2019 we decided to slightly alter our framing methods from conservation mounting to entirely sticky down the artwork. We found that many of our clients prefer their artwork completely straight in the frame and with conservation framing slight undulation can occur (this method is explained below). By using this technique of entirely sticky down the artwork it means that the artwork is less likely to react to different level of humidity and therefore achieving a completely straight print in the frame. Our Frames are bespoke clean white frames with two options of mount - Classic mount or Float mount which are explained below.

      Rectangular frames

      Our frames are made to size, clean, white frames. They are made of wood with a smooth matt top coat. We offer two options of mounting the artwork in the frame.

      Classic mount

      The classic window mount is cut so that it covers the edges of the print and placed on top of the print in the frame. This mounting style is one of the most common one and gives the artwork a classic clean look.

      Float mount

      When a print is float mounted it is achieved by mounting the print to a foam board. This is not a reversible technique and is not conservation standard framing. In other words the print can not be taken off the foam board and rolled up again since it is glued down. But this is a great way of mounting for those who prefer a completely straight print in the frame that does not react to different levels of humidity.

      Circular frames

      The circular frame is an unusual and interesting way of framing. The circular frames are hand carved and they are created between our framer and circular hand carver. A circular frame gives the artwork a unique look and have been really popular. All prints framed in a circular frame are classic mounted.

      Teardrop Frames

      The Studio commissioned these bespoke, handmade teardrop frames specifically for Kristjana's 2020 print release Eg Se Tig - Rainbow Eyed.  These original and beautiful duo prints required a specific shape, and we are delighted to be able to offer this stunning and unique framing option.   

      Tear drop framed eyes by artist Kristjana S Williams

      Glass types

      For most of our frames we use normal glass, but we also offer UV-protective anti-reflective glass for an additional fee. If you would like to use anti-reflective glass for the framing of your piece, please email and we will get back to you with a price for the artwork you have in mind.

      Conservation Mounting

      Conservation mounting standard which means that all the “supports” such as tape, board, back mount etc. are ph neutral, i.e. acid free, to ensure your print is well protected. Another criteria of conservation framing is that the process is reversible. That means that the artwork can be taken out of the frame and absolutely no damage is done. This means that it can be framed in another way in the future or rolled up in a tube again. 

      Conservation framing involves the fewest number of small attachments between the artwork and its support panel. This always results in a very slight undulation across the surface of the print, caused by the print expanding and contracting in different levels of humidity. This indicates that the artwork has been mounted properly and is not a defect in the artwork or the framing.

      Please note that from February 2019 we decided to change from using this mounting standard, but if you would like this method of framing please email

      Shipping abroad - perspex glass

      We do ship framed pieces outside of the London. For those pieces we always use perspex glass which is lighter than glass and does not break easily. Perspex looks exactly like normal glass and is being used by many artists for their bigger pieces due to the lightness of the material.

      For any other inquiries about framing please contact us on

      Lead times

      Unframed prints are delivered within 3-5 working days
      Prints in a square frame are delivered within 10-14 days
      Prints in a circular frame are delivered within 14-20 days