Kristjana S Williams X Tanqueray No. Ten 

The Studio was delighted to be asked by world renowned gin experts, Tanqueray, to create a nature inspired, elegant and atmospheric packaging design for its Tanqueray No. Ten Cocktail Gift Set, as promoted by the wonderful Stanley Tucci.
Kristjana used hero florals, iris and Iily, to create a delicate softness to the packaging design, alongside some of the ingredients found in the gin. 
These include the fruit and blossom of lemon and orange as well as juniper, liquorice and chamomile, reflective of the aromatics used in the production of Tanqueray No. Ten.
Although the overall artwork is a predominantly floral composition, Kristjana also included some discreet elements of fauna such as the Siberian iris encircling a bird, the orange iris growing a feather and tiny pangolin tails protruding from the lilies. You will also find orange segment winged butterflies.
This beautiful collaboration, with its intriguing florals, was in part inspired by our Flower House Lear prints which are available to purchase as Limited Edition Prints and 3D Original Artworks.