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      Penhaligon's the brand

      Penhaligon's is a renowned British perfume house, offering some of the most incredible fragrances for men and women. The perfumery was founded in the late 1860s by William Henry Penhaligon, a Cornish barber who moved to London and who became Court Barber and Perfumer to Queen Victoria. The Perfumery has since grown into a global brand with the most amazing range of products.

      The Portraits Collection Commission

      In 2016 Penhaligon's commissioned Kristjana S Williams to create bespoke narrative-based packaging illustrations for the brand's new range of fragrances: The Portraits Collection. Each fragrance in the collection centres around a member of a fictional aristocratic family:

      Lord George
      Lord George is a wealthy and respected man, the archetypal patriarch, with passion for fine things and loose women. He seems to embody the noblest values of the aristocracy: virtue, respect, loyalty and faithfulness.

      Lady Blanche
      Lord George's wife. A darling of London Society, and one of the most influential ladies in Britain. Her aloof beauty, mysterious past and blazing passions are scrutinised by all from shop-girls to Royalty. She would do anything to climb the social ladder still further. Her latest scheme is to poison her husband, Lord George, inheriting his wealth and burying his secrets for ever!

      Duchess Rose
      Daughter of Lady Blanche and Lord George, Rose married a Duke to escape the stifling rigidity of her family and to become the Coveted Duchess Rose. At first, naively romantic, she has now become disillusioned and frustrated in an unsatisfactory marriage.

      The Duke
      Conforming to the expectations of his class, Duke Nelson married the most coveted girl in London: the Duchess Rose. Yet the Duke is eccentric and unusual, his whimsical airs set society tongues wagging. Rumours abound that his marriage is yet to be consummated!

      Shop The Portraits collection here 


      Windows and boutiques embellished

      As a part of the commission, Kristjana designed a number of large scale artworks, to appear in store windows and point-of-sale, promoting the new collection in boutiques throughout the world.


      The Portraits Collection revisited

      In 2017, Penhaligon's revisited The Portraits Collection by adding new characters to the Narrative.

      Clandestine Clara
      Lord George’s mistress. When Clara, Clandestine for obvious reasons, is not ‘purring’ in Lord George’s company, she can be found behind the wheel of a car, or smoking, or in discussion, or with her colleagues — all of which are most terribly unsuitable past times for a woman. A woman ahead of her time.

      Roaring Radcliff
      Being secretly the son of Lord George and Clandestine Clara certainly explains Radcliff's weakness for the flesh, but his illegitimacy may have its advantages. Unburdened by title or propriety, Radcliff indulges in fast cars and even faster women - his raison d’être parties and provocation.
      Mr Harrod
      Mr. Harrod is society’s finest tea merchant and, he’s certainly not ashamed to say, the very best greengrocer in the business. Having been the centre of many scandals Mr. Harrod adds: What can I say? I can’t resist most women – single or married – and they can’t resist me.”

      She is by all appearances soft and quiet. Yet at the same time, she conducts herself with a rare force. Some, the less determined, would find her distant, maybe cold, but appearances are notoriously misleading.

      Monsieur Beauregard
      “Our French friend” is how this unknown but over-familiar houseguest is typically introduced. His lingering gaze lets you know he’ll take things from here. 

      Countess Dorothea
      A most ferocious matriarch, known for her sharp mind, even sharper wit and a secret fondness for the company of young men and scones!

      Ambitious, intelligent and astute, Sohan has worked diligently with flair and talent to establish himself in the world of affairs.

      The Portraits Candles and Tea

      Late in 2017 Penhaligon's added to The Portraits Collection products range by introducing The Portraits Candle Collection and The Portraits Tea range.

      All elegant homes share a sense of order and a (discrete) display of good taste. Refinement requires a certain attention to detail. To this end, the perfume of each and every room (the more rooms the better) should never be overlooked.

      And of course, every candle perfume needs it’s own room: Salon d'Alexandria, Tea room, The Pwder room, The sectret Orchid garden, The Linen Cupboard and The Members only room.

      Shop The Portraits Candle collection here

      Shop Countess Dorothea's tea here



      Penhaligon's limited edition print

      To celebrate the year long collaboration with Penhaligon's, Kristjana created a stunning limited edition print influenced by the Penhaligon's mood: The Menagerie at Penhaligon's Central


      Video content, majority of imagery and parts of text courtesy of Penhaligon's London