The commission process with Kristjana S Williams is a very personal and collaborative journey. Working together through extensive research and an in depth questionnaire, Kristjana is able to capture the significance of relationships, important memories or places and the space the artwork will live in.  Combining this research and your favourite style of Kristjana's artwork, the mood of the piece is decided, and the creation of bespoke elements begins. In an age of social media, where many of us no longer keep photo albums, a bespoke commission by Kristjana is a highly original way to create a collage of your life.  The intricacy of the delicate technique means that creating each bespoke piece takes between three and six months. Throughout the process, Kristjana will share stages of the journey as the artwork evolves.  

"Private commissions like these are incredibly collaborative," says Kristjana. "The piece grows organically through many stages and I can work with lots of personal detail, reaching back through time and many generations, or very little, creating an artwork that represents the here and now, a snapshot of a moment in time." Here is a recent piece created for an active, travel-loving London family. 

This process can be applied to companies too, referencing the business’s heritage, influences and employees.  A great example of this is Kristjana’s piece for the Connaught Hotel.

There is a £6,000 minimum on all commissions. 50% to be paid upfront, and 50% upon completion.