Shinsegae Department Store x Kristjana S Williams 

The oldest department store in South Korea, Shinsegae, approached to collaborate on a 2022 Christmas project within all their stores.

Kristjana first created the principal artwork, representing the iconic building where the store began life during the Japanese occupation.  In 1945, Shinsegae was bought by the founder of Samsung, Lee Byung-Chul, but was used as a post exchange building by the American army during the Korean war. The name Shinsegae was given to the store in 1963 and since then it has become one of the most popular luxury department stores in Korea. 

Kristjana modified the building in the artwork so larger windows could be added, enabling the viewer to take a peak at what is happening inside. Puvilla the bear and his friends are casting magic spells on Christmas objects; a young magician practices his art, and between them, a family sits to read a magical book with their daughter.  Above them, a scene of people gathering, bringing gifts and celebrating Christmas around a traditional tree.  A starry-night sky is framed with a floral border made of winter plants.

To allow for flexibility, this design was also developed in a landscape format and was printed onto shopping bags, rolls of gift wrap, and Christmas cards.

Another design, depicting a theatre scene revealed by red curtains, was created to portray the Christmas magic happening inside the building. You can see the giant Christmas tree, along with Puvilla, his friends and the children enjoying themselves and playing with magic. 

Shinsegae used elements from Kristjana's artworks to create Christmas flags to decorate the store's interior.