Welcome to the world of Kristjana S Williams interiors.  Our colourful and quirky interiors range is guaranteed to catch the eye and add that wow factor to your home.  Perfect for adding a statement piece to a room or to compliment Kristjana’s artwork, scroll down to explore the full collection.

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Thistle Wallpaper by artist Kristjana S Williams


Without a doubt, one of the most stunningly effective ways to beautify your home.  Our wide range of gorgeous wall coverings offer something for every space, big or small.

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Cushions by KSW Studio Interiors


The ultimate way to spruce up your home furnishings, Kristjana’s stunning cushion range is bound to create a talking point. Available in a wide variety of designs and sizes.

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A unique and exciting home collectable that is a fresh new take on the traditional globe.  Made by an award winning globe maker on the Isle of Wight, Kristjana’s fantastical globes feature adventurous animals and hot air balloons traversing the earth, and are available in a variety of sizes and colours.

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Cushions by KSW Studio Interiors

Shaped Cushions

Add an original ‘sewn artwork’ to your home with our unique and eye catching collection of shaped cushions. From giant octopus to the Royal Albert Hall, our shaped cushions are guaranteed to surprise and delight.

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