Alice Bleikur - Diorama


The story behind the artwork

In this stunning, coral-hued Diorama artwork, Kristjana invites the viewer to embrace the madness and sense of being lost that Carroll evokes in his tales. The room you enter is inspired by the chapter 'The Pool of Tears', where a giant sized Alice starts to weep and her enormous tears fill the room. Characters and motifs from the tales pervade - the omnipresent White Rabbit scurries across the tableau, heading back to the giant keyhole; the giant flamingo carries his croquet ball shaped head, searching for the 'Drink Me' bottle; the Mad Hatter conjures up a plan next to a diminutive Alice, and opposite, a Dodo represents the writer himself, whose stutter made him call himself 'Charles Do-do-dodgson'. Numerous doors and varying levels suggest the multitude of adventures to be had by taking different routes, opening different doors; a reminder of the many choices faced by Alice and that each choice came with a different consequence...

Artwork Details

Kristjana captures the traditional method of dioramas by adapting her trademark collage technique; designing and giclée printing the individual elements, before intricately hand and laser cutting them and slotting the pieces into a bespoke frame and layering to create the sense of reality and depth. The result is a stunning three dimensional paper theatre graphic art piece.

Edition of 95, signed and numbered by the artist.

All dioramas come with a physical Certificate of Authenticity.

Due to the construction of the dioramas, all dioramas come in specialist frames. The top layer of the artwork is placed between two sheets of non-reflective glass. The Flamingo Architectural Maze Diorama is framed in a decorative wooden white frame. For further information on Framing service, click here.

Framed dimensions: 46 cm x 34 cm x 6 cm

Delivery & Returns

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Diorama are made to order and we will require 4 - 5 weeks lead time to allow for creation, packaging and dispatch. Order before December 1st to ship before Christmas.

If you would like to check stock levels before purchasing, please email, alternatively if the diorama you order is not currently in stock we will let you know.

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