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      In celebration of the vital roles played by our key workers, the Kristjana S Williams studio is delighted to launch its Key Worker Collection, a set of 12 artworks depicting the roles of those who operate at the frontline throughout the COVID 19 pandemic.

      Featuring jobs spanning the refuse collector to the farmer, the pharmacist to the postman, these fun and quirky designs are inspired by the essential and often life-saving roles these groups have played in keeping us safe, and at times, sane.

      The 12 artworks are available now for FREE DOWNLOAD from the website, where we have also offered advice on printing options.



      From exotic botanicals and fantastical animals, to maps brought to life and dreamlike structures floating in an allegorical sky, Kristjana's artwork is internationally renowned as well as loved and collected by many. 

      Growing up immersed in Iceland’s dramatic landscape of spartan vistas, black sand and frozen lakes, Kristjana dreamed of tropical worlds filled with abundant animal and plant life.  This multi-faceted inspiration, coupled with Kristjana’s meticulous research and planning, enables her to create a unique and inspiring story behind each piece of artwork, using layer upon layer of carefully selected Victorian engravings to achieve her vision. 

      Limited edition circular wall art by artist Kristjana S Williams

      Limited Edition Artwork

      All Kristjana S Williams artwork is Limited Edition, meaning that it is one of only a certain number of prints produced.  Once these have sold out, there won't be any more available.  As the reputation of an artist grows, Limited Edition prints become increasingly valuable pieces to add to your art collection, particularly the first few numbers.

      All Limited Edition prints from KSW Studio will have the edition number in the bottom left corner of the artwork and Kristjana's signature in the right.  The product page of the website will show you how many editions each particular print has.  

      All of Kristjana’s prints are printed in our studio in London, using the highest quality archival paper and giclée inks, and come with a Certificate of Authenticity. This includes an image of the artwork, the edition number and artwork details.



      Original 3D artwork by artist Kristjana S Williams

      Original 3D Artwork

      These intricate, sophisticated and unique 3D pieces bring to life the narrative behind Kristjana S Williams’ artwork. 

      Each piece is created using delicate hand and laser cut paper collages. These intricate giclee paper elements are then hand sculpted and individually positioned in place to create a stunning three-dimensional effect.

      The intricacy of this delicate technique means creating each piece takes between three to six months, but the resulting artwork is a stunningly beautiful original creation which constantly reveals new and hidden details among the flora and fauna.



      Dioramas by artist Kristjana S Williams


      In her modern day take on this fascinating art form,  Kristjana captures its essence by adapting her trademark collage technique; designing and printing the individual elements on the highest quality archival paper, before intricately hand cutting them and slotting the pieces into a bespoke frame and layering to create the sense of reality and depth.  The result is a stunning three dimensional paper theatre graphic art piece.