The Feast - Tvöföld Tré - Original Artwork 2021


The story behind the artwork

This towering masterpiece of Kristjana’s trademark tree artwork is the first of its kind by the artist. A three dimensional double-tree, reaching 150 cm tall, and radiating with life, energy, and culinary treats....

A family of monochrome deer stand at the foot of the tree, the source of their contentment aloft in the bounteous boughs, for this majestic tree is teeming with victual delights. Pods of peas and berry fruits, wild mushrooms and swollen gourds drip from the branches. Spilling platters and spotted eggs, wheels of cheese and cherry topped cakes are the delicious prizes for those brave enough to navigate the arboreal heights, as well as for those waiting patiently in the glade below. Tiny fauna perch within the edible canopy, alongside fantastical airborne vehicles conveying their animal cargo from bough to bough.

Artwork Details

Bespoke Hand and laser cut paper collage. Digitally designed, hand sculpted paper elements are painstakingly pinned in place onto a thick foam board, creating a stunning three dimensional effect. Utterly unique in its composition and to its owner, an original artwork is one of its kind and cannot be replicated.  Your piece will be the only piece like it, anywhere in the world.

  • Framed dimensions (approximately): 150 cm x 96 cm x 11 cm
  • Bespoke wooden box frame, painted with a smooth coat of matt paint.
  • Giclée printed on Matt Smooth Fine Art Cotton 300gsm.
  • Signed by the artist.
  • Comes with a physical ‘Certificate of Authenticity’.

Delivery & Returns

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Original Artwork is delivered within 7 - 10 working days to allow for packaging and delivery.

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