Navigators' Tracks & Discoveries of the World - Art Print

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Free worldwide delivery on unframed prints by artist Kristjana S WilliamsThe story behind the artwork

Upon this uniquely drawn world by master cartographer, John Cary, in the early 1800’s, Kristjana casts us forward to a post-apocalyptic era. An age beyond humankind, where the atmosphere has once again surrendered to calmness and the entire earth hums softly in pastel shades. Here, animals have triumphed over adversity by means of spectacular evolution. Giant Pandas are once again the omnipotent heroes of the bamboo forests, while tree-borne lemurs scale their dizzying perches with nonchalant abandon. Giraffe-legged ostrich, their plumage magnificently adorned by a headdress of feathers, stalk their re-claimed land, seeking their habitual tree canopies amid tangles of eye-popping flora. The elusive kingfisher, said to be the first bird to fly from the Ark after the deluge, is blessed by the orange of the setting sun on its breast and the gem-like blue of the sky on its back. It’s counterparts, surveying the scene, take on a regal magenta. This symbol of peace promises prosperity and hope for the future.

Artwork details

Printed in our studio in London on Matt Smooth Fine Art Cotton 300 gsm, using giclée inks to ensure you are able to enjoy your print for years to come. All prints come with a physical Certificate of Authenticity.

Edition of 325, signed and numbered by the artist.

Print sizes:
S - 70 cm x 65.3 cm
M - 90 cm x 84 cm
L - 110 cm x 102.7 cm

Our prints are professionally cut by hand in our studio, therefore sizes can vary by mm.

All Limited Edition prints come unframed.

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We offer free worldwide delivery on all Limited Edition prints orders.

Limited Edition prints are delivered within 3-5 working days

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