Mountain og Giraffe Ocean Jordin II - Art Print

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Free worldwide delivery on unframed prints by artist Kristjana S WilliamsThe story behind the artwork

The turquoise globe, Earth’s unique sphere, glows with warmth and vivacity. A pair of giant giraffe stand like beacons to the poles, their aqua hue reminiscent of the sky reflected by the oceans. Here, water pervades the land, represented by the spiky tips of the mountain ranges of the world; majestic rock forms needling towards the sky from their misty foothills. The Diablo of the Americas, Alps of Europe, the Pegu and Himalaya of Asia, and the Great Divide of Australia. A fishing vessel marks its briny path through the pacific, passing sea turtles and whales, behemoths of the deep. An ornate balloon makes its exploratory journey across the seas, carrying its original cargo of animalia - the peacock and chameleon symbolising re-growth and regeneration as well as an ability to adapt to their surroundings. Giant palms soar skyward from North and South, watchful over the heroes of terra firma and the subterranean world beneath.

Artwork details

Printed in our studio in London on Matt Smooth Fine Art Cotton 300 gsm, using giclée inks to ensure you are able to enjoy your print for years to come. All prints come with a physical Certificate of Authenticity.

Edition of 195, signed and numbered by the artist.

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M - 60 cm x 80 cm
L - 85 cm x 120 cm

Our prints are professionally cut by hand in our studio, therefore sizes can vary by mm.

All Limited Edition prints come unframed.

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