Love Cats & Bird - Art Print collection

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Paired Artwork

Love Cats & Bird - Art Print Collection is a pair of complementary prints, which look stunning when hung together. The Love Cats & Bird prints are also sold individually.

Love Cats - Àstar Kisur - Art Print

Love Birds - Turtildúfur - Art Print

The story behind the artwork

Kristjana loves working in pairs, and seeks out motifs that resonate with her and that she can visualise for use in future artworks. These intricate Victorian engravings of tigers and birds work perfectly for the theme of her latest collection of Limited Edition prints. It's All About Love.

A pair of lovestruck wild cats share their intimate story, narrated by a passing ship that whispers tales of their adventure. In this precious moment, tenderly lit by candle light, the majestic pair are weightless with anticipation, literally walking on water, their ornamented heads in the clouds. The female is assured, looking calmly serene as the male leans in for a kiss. This luminous tableau of love is framed by a pair of snow-white stallions, a sacred symbol of strength and fertility.

A diminutive pair, whose love literally glows from the heart of the piece as the tulip is passed expectantly from beak to beak. A gilded balcony floats skyward, taking these wings higher than ever before into a realm of romance and unbridled joy.  Senses are heightened as reality fades, replaced by the symbols of courtship; the sip of wine, the glow of candle light, the sense of butterflies in the stomach.  Music is the food of love in this special moment, the overture of a life-long bond.

Artwork details

Printed in our studio in London on Matt Smooth Fine Art Cotton 300 gsm, using giclée inks to ensure you are able to enjoy your print for years to come. All prints come with a physical Certificate of Authenticity.

Edition of 125, signed and numbered by the artist.

Print sizes:
45 cm x 60 cm

Our prints are professionally cut by hand in our studio, therefore sizes can vary by mm.

All Limited Edition prints come unframed.

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