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    Original 3D Artwork

    Original 3D Artwork

    Some of Kristjana’s most memorable pieces are three dimensional, involving layer upon layer of giclee detail – individual elements which are hand-cut, folded and pinned in place by the artist.

    ‘I’ve always been drawn to those beautiful old Victorian specimen trays, which use taxidermy and super fine pins to display butterflies and insects,’ says Kristjana. ‘This is a similar technique and really brings my work to life by adding depth and detail.’

    The intricacy of the delicate technique means creating each piece takes between three and six months, but the resulting artwork is a mind-blowing original creation that constantly reveals new and hidden details among the flora and fauna.

    Kristjana's 3-D pieces come in a deep plain box frame or a bespoke handmade circular frame, which can be painted in any colour the client wishes. Perspex is used due to the lightness of the material and its durability. 

    Butterfly Storm Trooper Original Sculpture by artist Kristjana S Williams
    Gate Keeper - Original Sculpture £4,000.00 - £9,000.00
    Kier Latin America - Original
    Kier Latin America - Original £32,000.00 - £52,000.00
    Hjartar Tre - Original
    Hjartar Tre - Original £3,650.00 - £9,650.00
    Ocean themed Original artwork by artist Kristjana S Williams
    Haf a milli himna - Original £9,000.00 - £12,000.00
    Modern take on a classic Botticelli, by artist Kristjana S Williams
    White Bird Venus - Original £7,000.00 - £15,000.00