Circular West London - Brown's Original


The story behind the artwork

Original Artwork created for the Brown’s Hotel in London by artist Kristjana S Williams, Autumn 2019. This highly elaborate Original artwork depicts a circular map of East London with the river Thames running through it. Layer upon layer of victorian engravings are delicately put together to make this beautiful piece. Some integrated into the map itself and many laser or carefully hand cut, folded and pinned in place by the artist. Numerous elements reflect the city’s rich history alongside the history of The Brown’s Hotel.

Brown’s Hotel: The heart telephone refers to Graham Bell, the American scientist who invented the telephone. He was among some of the hotels celebrity guests as well as writers Agatha Christie, Mark Twain and Stephen King represented by a stack of books and Rudyard Kipling the Jungle book author who takes the form of a monkey. Napoleon III was yet another famous guest portrait by a goose on top of a lamp post. An array of cakes, cutlery and fancy teapots reflect the wonderful afternoon Tea served at the hotel. Flying lemons, garlic, figs, beans along with other foods and vine tell the story of the heart warming meals served at the hotel. Peculiar Transport means tell the story of guests travelling to the hotel, like the two foreign characters in the centre of the piece.

London: Throughout the piece, one can find many references to London landmarks and street names. The Jewelled ostrich refers to the Royal Menagerie in the Tower of London.Traffic Lights - London’s first traffic lights were set up on Parliament Square in 1868. Less than a year later they blew up seriously injuring the very policeman whose traffic duties they had been intended to replace. In 1807 - London got it’s first gas lit street

Artwork Details

Bespoke Hand and laser cut paper collage. Digitally designed, hand sculpted paper elements are painstakingly pinned in place onto a thick foam board, creating a stunning three dimensional effect. Utterly unique in its composition and to its owner, an original artwork is one of its kind and cannot be replicated.  Your piece will be the only piece like it, anywhere in the world.

  • Framed dimensions (approximately): 110 cm x 110 cm x 11 cm
  • Bespoke wooden box frame, painted with a smooth coat of matt paint.
  • Giclée printed on Matt Smooth Fine Art Cotton 300gsm.
  • Signed by the artist.
  • Comes with a physical ‘Certificate of Authenticity’.

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