Royal Salute and Kristjana S Williams

Royal Salute is an extraordinary scotch whisky, made especially to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953. The 21 gun salute fired from the Tower of London on that 1953 day inspired the number of years the whisky aged in the barrel, and still today, it is the only whisky in the world to be aged for a minimum of 21 years.

The quintessentially British theme behind the brand aligned perfectly with Kristjana’s artwork inspired by the Tower, and the 600 year old Royal Menagerie within.

Kristjana worked closely with Royal Salute to create illustrations for a reimagining of the brands prestigious 21 Year Old Scotch range, creating new artwork for the brands Signature Blend, Malts Blend and Lost Blend.

Royal Salute and Kristjana S Williams

Kristjana’s illustrations drew on the rich heritage of the brand, featuring the characters from the Royal Menagerie at the Tower of London, such as the emblematic Lion, and images reflecting the brands Scottish roots, such as the tartan butterflies and the view of the Speyside River.

Kristjana S Williams and Royal Salute

Kristjana's exclusive artwork for the brand was unveiled in November 2019, at a reception and art exhibition at Seoul’s Banyan Tree Hotel.

Royal Salute - 21 Years Old from House of Panic on Vimeo.