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    A private commission process

    It is a very private journey a lot of my clients are not sure if they have enough history, other worry about having to much history - either way the way the piece grows through the stages is a very deep personal collaborative process between me and yourself which is incredibly rewarding. It can be formed around generations back in to the future or it will just be about the world around you or projected desires. There are a few different styles of my work and most of my private clients have a favourite piece that they feel will work for them.

    This is the process in a nutshell

    - Select a style - The Connaught, The Shard, The V&A? We will do this together or over the net

    - Select a size & format - World / london / nature? We will do this together or over the net - Interview

    - An Excel sheet to fill out and a personal meeting at the studio or a location of your choice

    - 1st PDF - placement and choice of background - Strength of colour & form, feedback

    - 2nd PDF - Artwork and growth of background is cementing - some of the personal elements will have started to be created

    - 3rd PDF - The artwork has started to take a deeper shape and meaning, feedback

    - 4th PDF - We have what feels close to the final piece

    - The 3D paper sculpting will of course give the piece a whole other life

    - Physically creating and layering and pinning the 3D piece

    - Framing

    Just for fun, a lovely quote by Max Ernst on collage

    Collage is the exploitation of the chance meeting of two distant realities on an unfamiliar plane... and the spark of poetry that leaps across the gap as the two realities converge. - Max Ernst, 1962