'Landscapes Re-imagined' Exhibition

World renowned fashion designer Paul Smith is a constant source of inspiration for Kristjana, and the pair have been working together since 2015, starting first at the Paul Smith store at Heathrow airport and going on to flagships Melrose Avenue in LA and London's Albemarle Street. In this latest collaboration, 'Landscapes Re-imagined', Kristjana encapsulates both the natural and fantastical worlds with a special twin show at Albemarle Street and Paul's Westbourne House in Notting Hill. 


The Albemarle store will feature a series based upon Britain’s most famous landscape architect, Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown, who demonstrated the unexpected symbiosis between wild, organic nature and human built structure.  At Westbourne House, experience the extraordinary in Kristjana’s work that channels Lewis Carroll’s most famous character.  Peer into Wonderland styled clocks and fanciful trees, full of motifs from the world of Alice.  Across both collections, Kristjana’s stunning bee artwork can be found buzzing around the stores, including a very special Paul Smith bee...

Kristjana S Williams x Paul Smith ‘Landscapes Reimagined’
Albemarle Street & Westbourne House
30th November - 25th January 2023