Head in the clouds NFT

Head in the Clouds Collection

'Head in the Clouds' is Kristjana's first NFT project, featuring three core artworks, ‘Heart of Nature’, ‘Walking Skeleton’ and ‘Contemplating Skeleton’.  Each piece will generate a large number of completely unique editions, created randomly by wheels designed by the artist.
This imaginative and expressive digital art project was inspired by the figurative idea of having your ‘head in the clouds’, and the heightened emotions associated with the act of travelling - from the joy and anticipation to impatience and nervous excitement. ‘Heart of Nature’,  ‘Contemplating Skeleton’ and ‘Drifting Skeleton’ reflect how these emotions are deeply felt, right down to the bone and with a pounding heart, as travelling opens up the mind and body to new possibilities and expands appreciation of the natural world. These emotions and sensations are represented through different colours and animations, which add a beautiful and surreal layer of moving imagery to the core artworks, from floating clouds, flying birds and butterflies, to unfurling flowers, shoots and mushrooms.
The project introduces the element of chance into Kristjana's artworks, as each unique NFT will be algorithmically generated through random selection-based rules devised by the artist. The rules are visually represented by different wheels which the collector will spin to randomly generate a unique NFT featuring a particular colour and emotion.  In total, there will be 64 variations of ‘Heart of Nature’ and 144 variations of each of the two Skeleton works. 


What is an NFT?
NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. An NFT is a permanent, unique unit of data stored on a blockchain. Each NFT can only have one owner at a time, so it serves as a digital certificate, or proof of ownership, for a physical or digital asset. In this case the digital editions of ‘Head in the Clouds’.

Why create an NFT? 
Kristjana is a multidisciplinary artist with an evolving practice, and is always looking at new ways to take the ideas from her head and make them a reality. Kristjana has worked with digital tools throughout her career, using digital techniques to create her collages, designs and illustrations, through to more experimental, innovative approaches. This project creates an opportunity to engage with a wider community of collectors globally. This project reflects Kristjana's intricately layered digital collages, but adds a new component as the algorithm will decide the colour and layer of the surreal animations, representing the emotions and creating your unique artwork.

Who’s the partner?
Kristjana previously worked with VIVE Arts on ‘A Curious Game of Croquet’ for the V&A's Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser exhibition, using VR for the first time to bring her work into a new dimension.

How to purchase NFTs on the VIVE Arts NFT Platform

  1.  Sign up for a crypto wallet. The VIVE Arts NFT Platform is housed on the Ethereum chain, and supports wallet log-in via MetaMask and WalletConnect
  2.  Visit the VIVE Arts NFT Platform:  nft.vivearts.com/
  3.  Login or create a new VIVE Arts account. You may log in with your crypto wallet or create a new account with email.
  4.  Join our community events on VIVE Arts’ DISCORD or TWITTER to learn more about how to secure a spot in the whitelist. Only collectors who are on the whitelist can mint an NFT. In the meantime, subscribe to our newsletter to receive important updates about the project and educational materials. 
  5.  Once included in the whitelist, collectors will be able to generate and mint the NFT by using the ‘spin the wheels’ mechanism on the ’Head in the Clouds’ website, starting on the day of the launch.
  6.  After the NFT has been generated, follow the steps to make the payment in ETH. The NFT will then appear in your crypto wallet after a successful purchase.

For questions and inquiries, please contact VIVE Arts on their social channels or email VIVE Arts.