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      Wallpaper by Kristjana S Williams Interiors

      If you are looking to make a real style statement in your home, then this is the way to do it.  Kristjana’s collection of wall coverings go well beyond the realms of what you might think of as traditional wallpaper.  This is truly immersive wall art.  From intricate depictions of flourishing nature to ancient Mayan architecture; giant Ostrich marching through a sea of botanicals to brooding forests alive with hidden humanity, here you will find a piece to suit any mood or any room.  Including standard repeat patterns and full wall murals, all our designs are featured below, and are made with the finest quality, fade resistant inks, ensuring your wallpaper stays as vibrant as the day it is hung.  

      All KSW Wallpapers are designed and printed in the United Kingdom.

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