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    Wall Coverings

    Wall Coverings

    Our wall coverings are printed in the UK using the highest quality inks and paper. The paper we use is non woven and uncoated. 

    The measurement of our wallpaper varies, so please look carefully at the sizing of the style you are interested in. Please email info@kristjanaswilliams.com if you need help with calculating how much wallpaper you need.

    There may be a slight variation between colours viewed on a computer screen and the actual print colours in the wallpaper.
    We have two different wallpaper categories: Repeat wallpaper and Wall murals.

    We can provide wallpaper samples, please email orders@kristjanaswilliams.com

    Please note we are a small studio based in London and therefore don't hold high quantities of wallpaper within the studio. The lead time can be 4-5 weeks for larger quantity orders.

    Repeat Wallpaper

    The Repeat wallpaper is like traditional wallpaper that repeats how ever many rolls you use.

    Wall Mural

    The original wall mural however, as the word explains, is more of a single wall feature. One roll with 3 drops creates one mural, or in other cases two rolls (roll A and roll B), 6 drops in total, creates one large mural. When hanging the double mural (A and B), it creates a longer narrative of the beautiful mural effect. Please contact the studio for any special commission wallpaper.

    Thistle wallpaper
    Thistle wallpaper £225.00
    Lear Stripe Wallpaper
    Lear Stripe Wallpaper £225.00
    World Map Animal Light wallpaper
    World Map Animal Light wallpaper £425.00
    Aztec Snow Wallpaper
    Aztec Snow Wallpaper £425.00
    Animal Tile Wallpaper
    Animal Tile Wallpaper £425.00
    Andy Palmer Wallpaper
    Andy Palmer Wallpaper £425.00
    Graphic dark forest wallpaper by artist Kristjana S Williams
    Ink Forest Wall Mural £425.00
    Animal Eve Garden Wallpaper
    Animal Eve Garden Wallpaper £425.00
    Lear White Wallpaper
    Lear White Wallpaper £225.00
    Lear Dark Wallpaper
    Lear Dark Wallpaper £225.00
    Strawberry Thief Navy wallpaper
    Strawberry Thief Navy wallpaper £225.00
    Strawberry Thief White wallpaper
    Strawberry Thief White wallpaper £225.00