Butterfly Leidin Heim - Original 2018


The story behind the artwork

An arresting 3D art piece, originally displayed as part of Kristjana’s 2018 solo exhibition at Paul Smith’s flagship Albemarle Street store. The exhibition explored the philosophy behind travel, and was inspired by two real-life fearless Victorian explorers, botanical artist Marianne North and naturalist Isabella Bird. 

In this piece Kristjana brings to life an eclectic diaspora of creatures gathered in a forest clearing, silently communing with their pulsing, organic surroundings. Their world is a paradox; at home here, yet far flung from home.  A kaleidoscope of vibrant yellow butterflies swoops through the musty glade. Caught on a passing wind, they represent hope and guidance, or in Native American culture, the peace of departed souls. Explorers who strayed wildly beyond their home horizons encountered unimaginable exoticism in nature. The best of these explorers accepted the new and unknown and allowed it to guide them to a deeper understanding of the power of difference. The flitting yellow butterflies are an expression of the explorers’ families raw hopes for their safe return home.

Artwork Details

Bespoke Hand and laser cut paper collage. Digitally designed, hand sculpted paper elements are painstakingly pinned in place onto a thick foam board, creating a stunning three dimensional effect. Utterly unique in its composition and to its owner, an original artwork is one of its kind and cannot be replicated.  Your piece will be the only piece like it, anywhere in the world.

  • Framed dimensions (approximately):63 cm x 53 cm x 7 cm
  • Bespoke wooden box frame, painted with a smooth coat of matt paint.
  • Giclée printed on Matt Smooth Fine Art Cotton 300gsm.
  • Signed by the artist.
  • Comes with a physical ‘Certificate of Authenticity’.

Delivery & Returns

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