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      Diorama - Paper Theatres

      Diorama - Paper Theatres

      Historically, the diorama was a scenic painting viewed through a peephole, in which adjustments to colour and the direction of illumination can simulate life-like changes to the artwork.  In her modern day take on this fascinating art form,  Kristjana captures its essence by adapting her trademark collage technique; designing and printing the individual elements on the highest quality archival paper, before intricately hand cutting them and slotting the pieces into a bespoke frame and layering to create the sense of reality and depth.  The result is a stunning three dimensional paper theatre graphic art piece.

      Kristjana was commissioned by the Victoria & Albert museum to design dioramas for three of the museum's exhibitions: Frida Kallo: Making Her Self Up, Opera: Passion, Power and Politics and Henry Cole & the Great Exhibition 1851. These pieces were exclusive to the V&A gift shops and sold out before the end of each exhibition.  Click here to learn more about Kristjana’s work for the V&A.

      All of Kristjana S Williams’ dioramas are limited edition, meaning that each piece is one of only a certain number of dioramas produced.  Once these have sold out, there won't be any more available.  Each diorama has its limited edition number in the bottom left hand corner, and Kristjana’s signature in the bottom right.  A ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ which includes the edition number is affixed to the back of the diorama frame. The product page of the website will show you how many editions each particular diorama has.

      Below is a selection of Kristjana S Williams’ limited edition dioramas currently available to buy: 

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